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The Ausculette II is a small, battery or line-operated telemedicine auscultation system used primarily in telemedicine. It consists of 2 stethophones, a stethoscope assembly and wall-mounted power transformer.
When used with either the Tandberg or Polycom Teleconferencing System, the appropriate connecting cable is supplied.
The Ausculette can be used as both a sending and receiving auscultation system. The stethoscope is placed on the patient in the normal manner. Each listener inserts a stethophone into the rear panel of the Ausculette II and can hear simultaneously. Sounds can be amplified or filtered, if desired. A Hi-Pass filter allows attenuation of sounds from 20 Hz to 500 Hz. Heart and breath sounds can be filtered to accentuate grade I murmurs or very faint fine crackles.
This product is FDA approved.

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