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ZOLL® X Series® 

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The simulated patient monitor “Zoll® X Series®” is an optional premium branded screen simulation that works with the REALITi360 vital sign monitor and defibrillator app. It is designed to be used with the patient monitor simulation systems REALITi Plus and REALITi Pro by iSimulate.
Instructors can easily add training scenarios or downloaded new scenarios from the REALITi360 COMMUNITi platform.
REALITi360 Premium Screens mimic the user interface of several leading patient monitor and defibrillator manufacturers. Through collaboration with popular defibrillator and monitor manufacturers, iSimulate has created hyper-realistic interfaces which look and work like the real vital sign monitors and defibrillators used at the point of care. The current and growing selection of patient monitors and defibrillators allows students to experience a significant number of monitors and defibrillators that they might encounter in their EMT or Hospital careers.
Based on individual training needs and the product configuration, users can select one or more of these Premium Display Screens for their simulation trainings
The patient monitor and defibrillator simulation of “Zoll® X Series®” gives REALITi360 users the option to train high-quality CPR, optimal defibrillation and pacing treatments for all stages of transporting critically ill neonatal to adult patients. This screen simulation perfectly mimicks the “Zoll® X Series®” monitor including all of its branded features.

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