Susie Simon® – Neugeborenensimulator CPR- und Traumapflege – mit Code Blue Monitor plus intraossärem und venösem Zugang
Premie™ Blue Simulator mit Smartskin™ Technologie
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Muti-Funktions Simulator Neugeborenes

2,617.65 CHF

Artikelnummer: 1019861 [W45170]

This manikin simulates newborn with rotatable soft arms and legs. It allows training of basic and advanced pediatric patient care procedures such as:
External stoma sites with internal tanks
Oral, nasal, and digital intubation
Place OP/NP tubes
Right/left mainstem bronchi
Place nasal and oral gastric tubes
BVM with realistic chest rise
Chest compression
Umbilical catheterization
Intraosseous infusion
IV arm with variable, palpable pulses

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